Soviet Cameras: The FED 3 and Lomo Lubitel 2

1 02 2014

One of my ‘resolutions’ this year was to use the vast information resource that is the internet for interesting, educational means (and less for looking at funny pictures of cats).

So, I’ve set myself monthly research projects. Nothing huge, and no requirement for a massive report on my findings. Just things which interest me, and which I’d like to know more about. Most of them I probably won’t even write about here, since they won’t all have a connection to art or photography, but I found this one interesting enough to post a little of what I’ve learned about two cameras which I own and use myself.

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Diana Mini

21 01 2013

So, I generally really hate the snow, but since I didn’t have any driving to do this weekend, it’s been less of a stress influence for me, and I’ve managed to almost appreciate it. (Of course I feel slightly differently now that I have to drive to work in it later tonight).

Few shots taken outside with the Diana Mini. I fastened a red filter over the lens (actually, a Quality Street wrapper secured with elastic, but, whatever).



And one extra from the same roll, taken in Leeds a few weeks ago. Set on bulb, guesstimated exposure, resting on the edge of a bridge.


Happy New Year!

1 01 2013

Just a quick one, to share something I did earlier which could be useful to other people – especially if you collect (and use) older cameras without strap lugs (a lot of older cameras came in ever ready cases, thus, no need for strap lugs on the camera itself).

J got me a Lomography Sprocket Rocket for Christmas. I’d been eyeballing them for a while, I’m a sucker for a funky format, and I love the challenge of a camera with limited exposure control. It tends to force you to get creative about how you shoot, if you want to produce anything decent.

I’m loving the camera, I’ve already run a trial roll of old bulk-load B&W through, to get a feel for it, and it’s currently loaded up with a roll of 800 ISO Fuji Press colour.

The only issue is, there’s no strap lugs. Since I like to carry either round my neck, necklace style, or slung across the body, a strap is pretty much essential for me. I tried attaching one to the D-ring on the tripod mount cover, but the D ring isn’t really intended to bear any sort of weight.

So, I did this instead.

2013-01-01 09.31.26

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Lomo Fisheye One

2 08 2011

Brighton Lanes

Over the weekend, we were in Brighton visiting friends and generally having lots of photographic related fun in the utterly glorious sunshine. It must have hit 35 degrees, easily. It’s been close to 30 degrees some days recently up North, and the temperature definately felt warmer in the South.

Every time I visit Brighton, it’s like recharging my batteries. I feel inspired and invigorated by the sheer amount of colour and energy, the creative atmosphere, and the relaxed feel. This time next year, I plan to be tying up loose ends up North, and starting to pack up for the permanent move down there, which I’m hugely excited about.

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