Soviet Cameras: The FED 3 and Lomo Lubitel 2

1 02 2014

One of my ‘resolutions’ this year was to use the vast information resource that is the internet for interesting, educational means (and less for looking at funny pictures of cats).

So, I’ve set myself monthly research projects. Nothing huge, and no requirement for a massive report on my findings. Just things which interest me, and which I’d like to know more about. Most of them I probably won’t even write about here, since they won’t all have a connection to art or photography, but I found this one interesting enough to post a little of what I’ve learned about two cameras which I own and use myself.

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35mm Through a Lubitel 166B

15 07 2011

Yes, I intentionally purchased a medium format camera in order to shoot 35mm film through it. There’s something incredibly pleasing about using the whole width of the film, sprocket holes and all.

I only shot a few frames, since it was a test roll, and also because I was sure the film had messed up on the hacked up spool I used to get the 35mm canister into the Lubitel (it hadn’t, as it turned out). But these two I feel were a success.

35mm Through a Lubitel 35mm Through a Lubitel

I’ll be doing more of this. The Lubitel is such a fun little camera. Light as a feather, and cute as hell. The only thing I find a bit of a chore is the focussing screen. It’s not particularly clear, and it’s difficult to see what’s in focus, even with the magnifier raised. Still, the shots I took all turned out in focus, so obviously it’s not been as much of a problem as I’d thought it would be.

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