Hello, I’m Amelia. I started this blog in 2010 as an online journal and showcase for my photography. Since then, my work and methods have both evolved towards a more creative and experimental area.

I won’t bore you with a long introduction about my childhood, teens and formal education in photography, because it’s all largely irrelevant to my current activities. I did a degree in my early 20s, didn’t do particularly well, in part because of major upheavals and traumatic events happening at the same time. I do regret going straight from college to uni at that time in my life, because I think that if I’d waited and gone around now instead, I’d have done far better. But everything’s obviously clearer with hindsight.

Despite learning with film cameras, and using film exclusively whilst there, since finishing university, I’ve been shooting on a series of digital SLR cameras. In the last few years, though, I’ve returned to using film, and have collected a variety of film cameras of varying formats. In March 2011, I made the decision to abandon digital entirely*, and shoot exclusively on film again. My reasons for this can be read this blog post.

*Since I first wrote this bio, I’ve been using digital again here and there. I still can’t get excited about the latest digital SLR, or the megapixel race, or spending minutes shooting followed by hours in Photoshop – and I can’t see that changing. But recently, a boring wait in hospital for a minor operation had me documenting the experience with the only tool available to me; my phone. Inspiration comes in the most unlikely places, and since then, I’ve begun to enjoy using the device as another camera in my collection.

For my ongoing experiments and work in progress, read the blog and projects section. I also post my work regularly to Tumblr.


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