Happy New Year!

1 01 2013

Just a quick one, to share something I did earlier which could be useful to other people – especially if you collect (and use) older cameras without strap lugs (a lot of older cameras came in ever ready cases, thus, no need for strap lugs on the camera itself).

J got me a Lomography Sprocket Rocket for Christmas. I’d been eyeballing them for a while, I’m a sucker for a funky format, and I love the challenge of a camera with limited exposure control. It tends to force you to get creative about how you shoot, if you want to produce anything decent.

I’m loving the camera, I’ve already run a trial roll of old bulk-load B&W through, to get a feel for it, and it’s currently loaded up with a roll of 800 ISO Fuji Press colour.

The only issue is, there’s no strap lugs. Since I like to carry either round my neck, necklace style, or slung across the body, a strap is pretty much essential for me. I tried attaching one to the D-ring on the tripod mount cover, but the D ring isn’t really intended to bear any sort of weight.

So, I did this instead.

2013-01-01 09.31.26

2013-01-01 09.31.36

2013-01-01 09.32.08

2013-01-01 09.32.15

2013-01-01 09.33.24

2013-01-01 09.30.55

Obviously, this will only work if you have enough clear space either side of the lens, but you could easily use narrower strips for different cameras. I used stitched strips of fabric, because it’s what I had around. Narrow strips of webbing or canvas tape would probably look neater. You definitely want something rigid enough that it’s not going to stretch.

Basically, it’s two strips of long enough to go round the camera one and a half times, two D rings, and two small scraps of velcro. Put it all together, wind round each side of the camera, feed the end of the strap through the D ring, and secure with velcro. Make sure your D rings sit somewhere near the top of the camera, so you can clip the strap to them (unless you’re happy with an upside down camera, of course).

I was hoping I could use the same straps for my Fed, as I really don’t like ever ready cases, but they’ll interfere with the cocking mechanism. However, I think that a slightly modified version, which crosses over itself instead of being two seperate pieces, might work nicely. I’ll update on that once I’ve tried it.




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