Direct Positive Solargraphy

14 10 2012

I’ve been using Ilford Direct Positive paper for pinhole work recently, more to try it out than anything.
J and I wondered how it’d perform when used in place of standard photo paper in a solargraph.

The whole thing was mounted high up on the side wall of my house, on August 20th, and removed today, so it’s been up there pretty much three full months.

This is the unprocessed image. The undeveloped paper goes pink within seconds of being exposed to light, so that’s just a paper issue, rather than being related to the solargraph.

Here’s the image scanned, desaturated and with a levels adjustment applied.

You can clearly see the outlines of the trees and houses behind my house, and the passage of the sun as it becomes lower in the sky from the end of summer into the autumn months, so definitely some success.

I think the next step is to load up two further cameras. One containing direct positive paper, one containing standard photo paper, and expose them both in the same place, over a six month period. This will allow comparision between the two types of paper, and also show a greater demonstration of the journey of the sun through the sky. I plan to put these up around December 20th, in the hope of capturing the sun rising in the sky as the season moves from winter into spring.




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