Small World

18 08 2012

Over ten years ago, I shot some photos whilst at college, of my friend and across-the-road neighbours, feet, with stitching through the top layer of skin. The project I was shooting for, as I recall, got a pretty good grade.

Over the years, with various life crises and multiple relocations, I’ve lost a great deal of work from that time, and my college negative folder. But, just a couple of months ago, in an old sketchbook, I found one of the prints I’d made of those photographs. It’s pretty wonky, and presumably a test print if it was in my sketchbook, so it’s a little discoloured over time, probably due to underfixing.

This is the photograph

A couple of days ago, I got a friend request on Facebook. Turns out that L, the friend in question, and model for the photograph, is now living pretty locally to me, and has become friends with another good friend of mine.

After a decade apart, we plan to catch up over a few drinks later this month. Kinda nice how things sometimes turn out.




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