Summer Exhibition

17 06 2012

I’ve been pretty occupied recently working on and finalising a piece for an exhibition at a local venue this summer.
The exhibition is Another Spot on the Wall at The Station in Richmond, North Yorkshire.

Entry is free, there are 150 artists exhibiting a huge variety of media, and it will run for 8 weeks from Saturday July 12th. If you’re in the area, I recommend a visit. The Station houses a small cinema, as well as an excellent restaurant/food court, and several small shops selling local produce.

I’ve been working on an ongoing project centred around the mythology of flowers, and inspired specifically by the Victorian Language of Flowers. The piece I will be exhibiting is one of the first completed pieces resulting from the project, and is a limited edition 12 x 16 black and white photograph, printed on silver gelatin paper.

This forthcoming exhibition has also highlighted the need for me to have a proper website. It’s still very much in the ‘building’ stages, but there’s a little work on there, and more content to be added over the course of the next three weeks. I’ll be keeping it as simple as it is now, because whilst flash websites look beautifully polished, I’m of the opinion that they do more to display web design prowess than they do to showcase art work. Personally, I prefer a website to open rapidly, and be simple to navigate at my own speed, over having to wait for every page to load, and launch straight into a slideshow.

Now that the exhibition piece is printed, framed and mounted, my time is free to resume working on the project, so my next blog post will contain some actual pictures, and a bit of detail on exactly where I’m at regarding that.




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