Inkjet Transfers

17 03 2012

I’ve seen this sort of thing done by various people, but everyone I’ve ever seen do it has stated that you need to use a photocopy, rather than an inkjet print, for it to be successful.

Well, I had time on my hands, an inkjet printer, a hard drive full of photos, and a room full of a million craft supplies just waiting for a purpose. So, I thought, nothing to lose by trying it.

I used Mod Podge, because it was the first gloopy, sticky craft substance that came to hand.
First, I printed out the image onto glossy photographic paper (I do wonder if this is a factor in the success, since the finish of the paper potentially makes it easier for the seperation to happen later.)
Right after it’s finished printing, I applied the Mod Podge fairly liberally over the print itself. Then, stuck it face down onto the receiving surface, pressed the surfaces together and rubbed like hell on the back of the print for a minute or so. T=Once that was done, I carefully peeled back the photographic paper. I did have to try a couple of corners before I found one that didn’t start to lift the image back up aswell.

First try, experiment on handmade paper:

Second attempt, onto a miniature stretched canvas:

The canvas one was a bit of a pain to rub hard enough for the image to transfer successfully, because of the stretched area haing no solid backing. Canvas board would probably yield far less patchy results. I’m also planning on trying a transfer direct to canvas, then stretching the canvas over a frame afterwards. I suspect this might skew the image, though.

But, result: inkjet prints work just fine, it would seem 🙂




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