Sketchbook Project 2012 Part 2

30 01 2012

A while back, I posted some pages from the sketchbook I’ve been working on for the Brooklyn Art Library’s Sketchbook Project 2012.

Well, I finished it, and it has been sent on it’s way.

The theme I chose was “Fill Me With Stories”, and although I had some ideas to begin with about what to do with it, it has ended up being a far more interesting mixture of experiments and media than my original plans. Which, really, is what a sketchbook should be. I think I went in thinking too rigidly about what I wanted it to be, and by relaxing, and just throwing in whatever thoughts and ideas happened to be in my head at any given time, it has become much more personal, and a much nicer ‘story’ of my time with it than it might otherwise have been.

Additionally, it’s got me working more with mixed media in my other work, and I very much feel that I’ve become a lot more artistically open minded, developed interests in media outside of that which I was interested in a year ago, and generally become much more creative thinking.

Some pages I adore as standalone pieces, some were beginning points to develop further ideas, and others were just a response to a creative block, when I just needed to do something, anything, regardless of whether or not it was particularly good.

Something I’m quite happy about is the fact that it doesn’t feel ‘finished’. It feels like a book of thoughts and ideas.




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