6 01 2012

So, another year on and another year older. My only resolution is simply to do more. More photography, more crafts, go out more, see people more, do more new things, do more things I already like. Essentially, try that bit harder not to sit around for hours doing absolutely nothing productive. Because I work nights, and also live in a relatively remote area, it’s difficult to get into any sort of routine, or feel like I have the time to do something productive, and socialising is doubly hard.

One of my main requirements is simply to manage my time better, and stop using the internet as such a major distraction. I know from times when my broadband has been down that I am perfectly capable of occupying myself with creative and productive pursuits away from a laptop. I suspect the best thing would be to just give up internet for a short while. One of the challenges I set myself when I wrote my 101 things in 1001 days list was to give up internet for a week. All internet, including mobile. This really shouldn’t be hard, but the idea is daunting for someone who lives at around 60 miles from most of the people she knows. But, whilst it is my main day to day connection with the world, it’s still all just excuses. I have a phone number, most of my friends know it. Sharing descriptive paragraphs of my daily life with 200 people is not really communication so much as it is narcissism.

Over the past few months, I’ve been working on a few ideas related to memory, and family/snapshot photography. I’ve become interested in collecting slides and photographs of unknown parentage, and I’m hoping to produce a body of work based around these in the near future.

My main focus right now, though, is producing a large scale project proposal for a funding application. I have a huge quantity of research, and it’s all coming together slowly. I just need a good couple of creative bursts to refine the idea, and come up with a solid proposal brief. I’m really looking forward to sharing what I come up with later on in the first half of 2012.

The next post will contain some actual photography. I have a few bits and pieces to show, but since it’s been a while I wanted to keep this seperate.

Happy new year!




2 responses

6 01 2012
Photobooth Journal

Project sounds so wonderful. I am really looking forward to hearing more.

6 01 2012
Amelia Griffiths

I’m absolutely itching to write something about it, but it’s at that stage where it’s either going to make no sense at all to someone else, or, it’s going to just sound completely uninteresting. So I’m trying to distract myself with other projects in the meantime.

Fantastic blog by the way, I took a look earlier. Absolutely fascinating, right up my street 🙂

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