Kodak Brownie No.2

14 10 2011

A little while ago, I bought a Kodak Brownie No.2 from an antiques shop in Richmond, close to where I live. It was only £3, and I had originally assumed it took an obsolete film format. That in mind, I planned to either have it as a display piece, or use it as a small handbag – the inside area is large enough to hold a small purse, mobile phone and cigarettes, and the catch is tight enough to make it secure enough.

Upon closer inspection, it turns out that the No.2 models accept 120 film, so of course, I had to run at least one roll of film through it. This was intended to be black and white, so I could develop it at home quickly. However, after shooting, I realised I’d used C41 process black and white, like an idiot, so it’s taken a while to get around to processing it.

From what I can find out, my Brownie appears to be a 1931 UK model F, making it the oldest camera in my collection. This in mind, I’m pretty impressed with what I got out of a camera nearly a century old. A lot weren’t in focus, but that’s more my fault than the camera. Every frame contained something, and of reasonably close exposure. I’m going to have to wait for bright days to use it in future (all these were shot on sunny days through the summer), but I’m inspired enough to experiment further with it, and hopefully shoot some more interesting subjects next time round.




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