The Riverside Bicycle

6 09 2011

I’m still alive, I’ve just been a tad lax about everything of late. Blame the crappy weather.

This is a project I’ve been working on for a while, and may continue to shoot over time. It’s also the strating point for a broader project, loosely based around things people leave behind, forget or discard, but more on that at a later date when it’s all come together fully.

Along the bank of the river that runs close to where I live, I found an old bicycle firmly wedged into the riverbed. It looks like it has been there for quite a while. I first photographed it in April 2011, and have since been back a few times to take more photos, and check it’s still there. Sometimes the river has surrounded the bike, and I’ve had to wade into the water to get close to it, other times the water is lower on the banks, and it’s just been buried in sand.

For me, this old bike illustrates our throwaway society perfectly, and also raises questions. Who did it belong to? How did it come to be where it is? Was it abandoned, or simply lost? If abandoned, then why? Could some use not have been found for the parts, at least?

All this intrigues me, because I’ve found there to be remarkably few things which cannot be repurposed in some way. In my mind, this old bicycle has become an accidental sculpture, and a small monument to our society’s attitude to that which is no longer wanted.




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