Lomo Fisheye One

2 08 2011

Brighton Lanes

Over the weekend, we were in Brighton visiting friends and generally having lots of photographic related fun in the utterly glorious sunshine. It must have hit 35 degrees, easily. It’s been close to 30 degrees some days recently up North, and the temperature definately felt warmer in the South.

Every time I visit Brighton, it’s like recharging my batteries. I feel inspired and invigorated by the sheer amount of colour and energy, the creative atmosphere, and the relaxed feel. This time next year, I plan to be tying up loose ends up North, and starting to pack up for the permanent move down there, which I’m hugely excited about.

Anyway, I digress. Zoing Image in the North Lanes sells a huge selection of Lomography goods, and having been curiously edging towards the Fisheye for a little while, I decided to treat myself. I went with the Fisheye One, since it was substantially cheaper than the Two, and since I didn’t know if I was going to get along with it (I don’t get on at all with Holgas, and Dianas don’t particularly excite me either), there was no point shelling out more just for a few extra creative controls.

As it turns out, I fucking love this camera. Partially, it’s the fact that it has a built in flash, making it instantly more appealing and useful than some of the other Lomo cameras, because it opens it up to use as a nights out camera, not just a daytime/sunshine camera. Secondly, the minimum focussing distance is damn near nothing. I’ve been shooting right up to the face, inches away from subjects, and the pictures are coming out clear and in focus.

Brighton Seafront

Brighton Seafront

I actually like it so much, that I’ve already ordered the Fisheye Two from Lomography. Which sounds mental, but they’re offering free shipping right now, and I had some money off points to use, which has knocked a good chunk off the camera. I’m also intending to sell on the Fisheye One, since I (probably) don’t need to own both versions, and it’s still in perfect condition with all boxes and warranties intact. The sole reason for the ‘upgrade’ so soon is because I have a few ideas for projects on the Fisheye which would benefit from the true fisheye viewfinder. If I were planning on just using it for nights out and whatnot, I’d stick with the One in a heartbeat šŸ™‚




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