Ilford Pan F Refill

23 07 2011

I bought this on Ebay, on a bit of a whim, not really knowing quite what it was, other than 35mm film.
It went out of date in 1968, so it’s anybody’s guess if I’ll actually get anything from it, but I’m absolutely planning to try.

It’s simply a loose roll of 35mm film, wrapped, inside a metal canister (I checked this inside a changing bag, of course). So, looks like all I need to do is attach it to a canister. I have plenty of refillable film canisters, for the bulk roll of black and white I use, so that’s no issue. I’m a little dubious about hand rolling it onto the canister though. Inside a changing bag.

I anticipate a great deal of swearing.

But isn’t it beautiful? 🙂

There’s a pretty good instruction leaflet in there, so additional information isn’t hugely important, but if anyone knows anything further about this film, I’d be very interested. So far, I’ve found a website with a gallery of collected Flickr photos from old film, some of which are from Ilford refills, but nothing much else.




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