35mm Through a Lubitel 166B

15 07 2011

Yes, I intentionally purchased a medium format camera in order to shoot 35mm film through it. There’s something incredibly pleasing about using the whole width of the film, sprocket holes and all.

I only shot a few frames, since it was a test roll, and also because I was sure the film had messed up on the hacked up spool I used to get the 35mm canister into the Lubitel (it hadn’t, as it turned out). But these two I feel were a success.

35mm Through a Lubitel 35mm Through a Lubitel

I’ll be doing more of this. The Lubitel is such a fun little camera. Light as a feather, and cute as hell. The only thing I find a bit of a chore is the focussing screen. It’s not particularly clear, and it’s difficult to see what’s in focus, even with the magnifier raised. Still, the shots I took all turned out in focus, so obviously it’s not been as much of a problem as I’d thought it would be.




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9 08 2011

very cool! love the other posts on your blog as well.
ive got some sprocket exposed 35mm shot in a holga waiting to be scanned as well. how did you scan these with the sprocket holes? did you just slide them into a 120 film holder?

9 08 2011
Amelia Griffiths

Hi 🙂
I left out the film holders completely, and laid the negatives straight onto the scanner bed, lining them underneath the area where the holders would sit. Depending on what scanner you’re using, it’s a bit fiddly to get them straight in line with the film scanning area, but sandwiching them between sheets of acetate helps keep them flat.

12 02 2013
people are people

Do I have to do anything different when using 35mm film than the medium format with the Lubitel 166B?

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