The Sketchbook Project 2012

22 05 2011

After seeing banners on various photographic and creative websites all over the internet recently, I investigated The Sketchbook Project, and decided I wanted to join in.

For those who don’t know, the project is a travelling art show, displaying hundreds of sketchbooks from people all over the world. Not just from working artists, but from anyone who decides they’d like to join in. Entry is $25, which covers not only the cost of the sketchbook, but also goes towards the cost of putting together such a large project and taking it on tour.

I ordered my sketchbook on Monday May 9th, and it arrived at my door on Tuesday May 17th, so not very long to wait at all considering it came from America. I spent a while flicking through, counting the pages, and trying to imagine some of my ideas on those pages. At first, I had the same problem I have with most new stationary – making that first mark on the fresh white paper. But I reasoned that I had to start somewhere, and so I began with a copied Polaroid of my gran in a camper van back in the ’70s. It’s not finished, and I’m not really completely happy with it (yet), but it got me past that first step.

So, here’s the few pages I’ve been working on so far. Some are pretty much finished, others I’ll probably work on some more.




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