More Polaroid

27 04 2011

So, it’s a beautiful day again, and my gran was hanging out washing in the garden. Instant photo assault.
“What are you taking photos of??”
“Oh, nothing. Just playing with the camera…”

My scanner is clearly filthy, but besides that, I’m quite happy that the negative scanned reasonably well too.
I used the darken dial on the camera this time, since the speed setting is 75, and the Fuji instant film I’m using is 100iso. It seems to have worked pretty well, the exposure appears more correct than the previous attempts.

I’ve got my hands on a pack of the Fuji black and white 3000iso instant film, which I’m reading a lot of good things about, so I’m very much looking forward to using that. Although I have 4 shots left of the current pack, and I kinda want to use that on something a bit funky, themed or conceptual. Maybe.




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