Negative Experiment

11 04 2011

Well, I’ve had a pretty productive weekend where film is concerned, having shot 5 rolls, developed the two black and white rolls myself, found a place in town which does C-41 developing only for £2.99 (for a half hour service), and loaded a sixth roll into the Olympus right before heading home yesterday.

J bought a new scanner recently, and as briefly mentioned in my last post, this weekend has been the first opportunity I’ve had to borrow it. It’s an Epson V600, and it is beautiful 🙂

I’ve scanned the black and whites, and the roll I took to the new developing place, and some of the shots from those have been uploaded to my Flickr.

One shot in particular, of J in a mask, I’d been having thoughts about working on further. I shot a few mask photographs on b&w, with the intention from the start of distressing the negative, and creating something very much inspired by the methods used by Joel Peter Witkin. Back in college, I enjoyed spending time in the black and white darkroom, using odd materials and processes during printing, to see what came out.

Not wanting to destroy my original negatives at this point, or risk getting anything on the scanner bed, I used small squared of acetate in layers, to scratch, and sandwich things between, before scanning. The result is better than I’d hoped, and for a first attempt at this sort of hybrid film/digital means, I’m thrilled with the outcome.


Aside from resizing and converting to jpeg, that photograph is directly out of the scanner, no retouching, no digital alteration, no dust/spot removal.




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