A Catch Up Post

2 04 2011

For once, I’ve been pretty consistantly active, photographically.

My ‘disposable living’ project has started to move forward a little, and a shot I’m extremely happy with is this one, shot at the beginning of last week.

On Eggshells

I’m pretty certain this will make it into the final selection of work for this project portfolio, so at some point in the near future, I think I’m going to take it to be lab printed, to see how it looks at the size I intend it to be displayed.

Last weekend, we had a trip to Whitby, whilst the goth weekend was on. There’s a wonderful bric a brac/antiques shop there, from which I’ve bought many curious and beautiful things over the years. This time yielded a close to perfect condition Olympus OM10, complete with manual adapter and 50mm f1.8 lens.

The first film I ran through it came out well in terms of exposure (inbuilt meter working correctly), and the lens is clear and sharp. The only problem was a deep scratch over a few frames, but further investigation found that the pressure plate wasn’t mounted correctly on the film door, so it’s likely that it has slipped to the side during exposure and created the scratch.

Olympus OM10

I have a roll of Ilford FP4 running through it this weekend, which I should finish during our visit to Newcastle’s Side Gallery, and Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, later today. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to develop that this afternoon, and have some decent results to post.

I’ve taken to the OM10 quite beautifully, though. I really can’t bring myself to put it down. It’s wonderfully lightweight, whilst not feeling fragile or badly made. The meter is simple and appears to be spot on. It looks lovely – like a camera should look, and it’s just ‘old’ looking enough to make shooting in the street an absolute breeze. Nobody pays you much attention at all, and there certainly doesn’t seem to be the look of suspicion you find when using a modern DSLR in the centre of town.

I’ve already bought it a second lens, elevating it’s status to the only one of my cameras to have more than one lens, including my DSLR. Although the secondhand cost of Olympus film glass has a lot to do with it, of course. The latest lens is a 135mm F2.8 Tamron, which is not only glorious for ninja-style street captures, but has the added bonus of being an Adaptall lens. When I discovered this, I had a moment of ‘super-yay’, since the 70-210mm zoom on my Praktica BMS is also an Adaptall, so that can also be used on the OM10 with a simple change of adapter (just as the 135mm is useable on the BMS. Hurrah!) I’ve also picked up a red filter, and a set of closeups, for the 50mm lens, so combining the lot with the little Cobra 210 flashgun I already had, I’ve got a nice little 35mm film setup which now lives in a spare Lowepro shoulder bag.

Also accompanying me today will be the little cardboard 35mm pinhole camera I made last night, using these instructions. My version is a little shonkier that the one pictured, since I used slightly thinner card, and more tape (since I had no elastic band anywhere). It’s got a cheapy roll of Kodak Colourplus 200 in it, so I’m not expecting much, but if I get anything that looks remotely like a picture out of it, I’ll be happy.




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