365: Fail

10 03 2011

Whilst I’ve managed to take a photo every day so far, as the last couple of weeks have progressed, I’ve realised that this project has had almost the opposite effect on my creativity and motivation than I’d hoped. So, I’m making the decision to fail through my own choice, rather than eventually forgetting. I’m not planning on uploading the photos from the start of March,  because they’re literally just ‘ah shit, need to take a photo *click at anything*’ effortless shots. There are enough of those already, and that’s part of why I wanted to stop doing the project.

I am planning to make the effort to keep up a weekly shot. But rather than the ‘photo every day, any photo, good or not’ idea of something like 365, I’d like to aim for a good photo every week, something I’m at least happy with, and possibly proud of.

So, that’s me officially declaring failure. Except, I can’t quite see it as such, since I’ve certainly learned a few more things about myself, and about my photography and what some of my goals are regarding that.

The photographs from January and February are preserved here, although I’ve now started a brand new account on Flickr, with a mind to keeping it more ‘things I’m relatively pleased with’ oriented than ‘any old crap I happened to shoot’.




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