365: Thoughts So Far

8 02 2011

39 days of photos uploaded so far, and another 326 still to go.

I feel that I’m doing pretty well so far. I haven’t missed a day, or even come close to missing a day, and after 39 days, it’s ingrained in my memory to ‘do my daily photo’, along with the other daily tasks I do.
My main concern at the moment is that my daily photos are often a little lazy. I know I’m perfectly capable of producing much higher quality, and generally better, work than I often upload. But I suppose the point isn’t ‘shoot a masterpiece every day’, but to just keep shooting daily. Something. Anything. And if it’s not something I’m happy with today, try harder tomorrow, and the next day.

The other little irk I have noticed about this project is that I find myself with less time to shoot film, which frankly, I prefer doing. Not that I hate digital, I don’t. I just have them seperated in my mind as two very different mediums. It’s a little like an painter expressing a preference for oils over watercolour.
However, having this new compact ‘notebook’ camera will hopefully solve the problem, since it’s tiny enough that I can carry it alongside a film camera, thus ensuring I lways have a digital with me incase I see something I think would be a good daily photograph. I have a belt case and a lanyard arriving this week from Ebay, so I won’t even need to carry the compact in my bag 🙂

I shot this on the S3000 yesterday morning outside work. The camera was set to 3200 ISO, hand held, without flash, at around 7am, when it was still mostly dark outside. Whilst there is obvious noise across the whole scene, I have to say, for such a basic point and shoot, in close to the worst lighting conditions I could throw at it, it hasn’t done too badly. The subject’s in focus, and the quality of the noise is relatively fine and not altogether unpleasant.

365 Day 38




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