York Streets

5 02 2011

We had a day out in York, with cameras. I had a vague attempt at some street photography, but I just don’t have the balls to shove a camera in someone’s face, or stand blatantly shooting people in the street, for the kind of close-in, gritty shots I’ve seen from some good street photographers. I managed to get a few I’m pleased with, though, and the first one of the violin busker is today’s 365 photo.

365 Day 36



Feet are now pleasantly aching from walking everywhere we could find.

I posted about the Canon Powershot G5 I’d bought, as a carry-about camera, a while ago. I’ve ended up selling that on, not because I didn’t like it (fantastic camera, great quality, especially given the age, and perfect for anyone who wants SLR-like functionality, in a smaller format), but purely because the size was still a little large to just stick in a pocket daily.

So, after much consideration, lots of referring to review sites, and a lot of umming and ahhing, I decided that I don’t really need a compact with full manual capability. I just need a good quality, slimline compact, capable of outputting images of a size which I’d be able to print up to A4. For under £100. I’ve ended up buying a Nikon Coolpix S3000. It’s tiny, sleek black, has a giant LCD screen, and a few user-adjustable settings (white balance is manually selectable, as well as having various presets, and auto). I could probably have picked it up a little cheaper online, but I got it from Jessops, partially for the ‘want, now’ factor, and partly because they offer an extended warranty which also covers accidental damage. All of which hit under that £100 mark, together. So all I have to do if I have a problem is take it into the nearest Jessops, and it’ll be fixed or replaced. For three years.




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