365: One Month Down

1 02 2011

So, that’s January completed, and one month of my 365 project done. If nothing else, that’s a month ticked off of my 101 list (complete photo a day for at least two months).

For February, I’d planned for a while to theme the month. I’m hoping that having a theme will actually help me to be a bit more creative than the last week of January turned out (quite lazy, frankly). So, my theme is colour (and shades of colour). I’ve got a list of 28 shades written up, and I’ll be going down that list in order daily.

First day is ‘white’, and todays photograph (day 32) is this:

365 Day 32

The full list is as follows (since it’s probably going to be helpful for me to have it online, and not have to dig out my photo journal and flick through trying to find the page I’ve scribbled the list on, within all the other pages of scribble and sketches). As you can see, there’s a few ‘stretches’, but it’s all based rouchly on a colour wheel, so I’m hoping the end of month mosaic looks pretty cool 🙂

1. White
2. Pale blue
3. Sky blue
4. Royal blue
5. Dark blue
6. Purple-blue
7. Deep purple
8. Indigo
9. Violet
10. Pink-purple
11. Barbie pink
12. Magenta
13. Pink-red
14. Red-pink
15. Blood red/crimson
16. Bright red
17. Salmon
18. Red-orange
19. Burnt orange
20. Bright orange
21. Peach
22. Lemon yellow
23. Bright sunshine yellow
24. Yellow-green
25. Grass green
26. Emerald green
27. Teal
28. Turquoise




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