A Digital Post

8 12 2010

My Canon Powershot G5 arrived, and so far, I’m enjoying it. It’s pretty much perfect for my purposes – small enough (just) to jam in a pocket, bulky enough that I don’t feel a bit awkward using it, manual exposure override, hotshoe for on and off camera flash options, RAW file capability, quick charge time, reasonable quality and size of images. I’ve already started carring it with me everywhere, to get into the habit well before I officially begin my 365 project, and to make sure I know my way around completely.

Here’s a couple of photos I took around work with it, in the last few days.

Icicles on the roof of the building. Shot with flash (at night), in manual mode.


Two shots of rubbish bins. Or rather, the contents thereof. These were never originally going to be posted anywhere, it was just me flitting around, testing the camera out on anything I could find. But there’s something I sort of like about these, and I’m now working on expanding them into a personal project centred around waste, as a comment on the human condition. Shot without flash, handheld, in manual mode.






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