Yashica Electro B+W

20 11 2010

I needed to shoot a test roll through my newly acquired GSN, and since I hoped to use it over the weekend, and I boughtsome chemicals last week, decided to run a roll of Ilford 400 through it, and develop it at home the same day.

Everything appears to be in working order. The negatives came out as expected. No light leaks that I can spot (I did have a go at light seal replacement on the door hinges first, using small scraps of 0.45mm black latex), and the meter seems to be functioning correctly. Surprisingly sharp images, particularly those which the meter agreed with (ie/ the ones I didn’t completely ignore it in favour of finishing the film). Even handheld in the poor light of my room, the results are reasonable.

My neg scanner doesn’t seem to handle B+W too well, so I either need to see if I can disable its autoexposure compensation, or failing that, I’ll return to using my DSLR as a scanner for B+W, since there won’t be the same issue with colour correction as with colour negatives. However, with the scanner issues in mind, here’s three I quite liked from the film.







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