Battery Adapter and Trip Refurb

16 11 2010

As I mentioned the other day, I managed to pick up a Yashica Electro 35 GSN, from my local used camera store, the only issue being that the mercury battery was on its last legs, and those batteries are no longer produced.

So, on the advice of the shop owner, I hit up Ebay looking for an adapter, and found this one, for a pretty reasonable price. It arrived today, and coupled with a 6v battery, seems to be doing the job nicely. I’ve yet to run film through the camera, but all the lights are working, the meter apears to be functioning, and everything’s firing as it should.



Battery light illuminating brightly. It was just about showing up with the old mercury battery, but very faint. There’s a very noticeable difference in brightness.


Meter light illuminating. Again, with the old battery, you had to depress the button nearly all the way to firing before a result showed on the meter, with the new battery and adapter, the meter lights are illuminating at just a halfway press.


So far, so good. Next step is to run a roll of film through it at the weekend. I’ll update with the results.

At some point, a post will go by where I don’t mention the Olympus Trip. This, however, is not that post. After some extensive reading on the camera, some of the re-covered ones people have been doing caught my eye. So, a quick mission into town yielded some cream leatherette fabric offcut, for 80p, and a pack of sticky backed sheets for a couple of quid. Here is the result.



Not perfect. The edges could do with being straighter, and you can see where the leatherette has started to peel around the lens, where the aperture ring rotates. But, I have plenty of the fabric left, so at some point I’ll have another go, with a craft knife and ruler rather than scissors, and a little more space for the lens.

For a very first try, though, I’m pretty pleased. It already looks pretty nifty, even with the wonky parts, so once it’s done properly, it’s going to look spectacular 🙂 I already have similar plans for future Trips.




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19 07 2012

I also own a Trip 35 & Yashica Electro 35 (GTN). Bootiful cameras, both of them. Enjoy them.

Being stingy, I fabbed up my own battery adapter using card, cellotape and some wire. Been working quite well for the past 4 months. 🙂

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