"What's With the Camera?"

14 11 2010

…well, it’s for taking photos, mostly.

Over the last two days, I’ve had my Trip slung around my neck pretty much everywhere we’ve been. I’ve had a few curious glances, at least one look of what appeared to be sheer disgust and horror (although the gentleman in question wasn’t what you’d generally call handsome, so it’s difficult to say), and two seperate occasions of somebody asking ‘what’s with the camera?’. How do you respond to that without sounding sarcastic? one woman went on to ask if it was a necklace (no, it’s a camera).

Is it so very difficult for the average person to grasp that, no, it’s not digital. Yes, I am using it to take photographs. No, it’s not for a ‘special sort of photograph’, and no, I’m not interested in buying a digital camera, I already have several.

On the upshot, the car boot sale today yielded four rolls of 2005 dated 35mm film, and a tiny screwdriver set, containing several screws which look (hopefully) like the size needed in the lens of the Trip.



Now, I just need to find a good repair manual somewhere, and get my head around actually taking this camera apart. From what I’ve read so far, it shouldn’t be too difficult, so I’m hopeful. If I manage to get anywhere with the repair, I’ll be sure to post the results.




One response

11 11 2011
James Guerin

Hi just came across this..
Have a look at link below for refurbishing your trip. Worked a treat for mine.


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