More Film Cameras

13 11 2010

I originally intended to just update the last post on this subject, as I won another Trip (hopefully with a properly functioning lens) on Ebay. But then, after a wander around local charity shops, and a browse in the used equipment window of the local camera shop, I arrived home with two more new-old cameras, one being a bargain of a rangefinder 😀

So, here’s an update, along with a few I’d missed the first time.

Yashica Electro 35 GSN
Fixed lens, aperture priority rangefinder. I’ve yet to run a film through, but it’s from a good photographic store, who know their shit, and who I’ve been buying cameras and film from for over a decade. The original mercury battery is present, and still illuminates the battery test light, but I was advised that it does need replacing, as it’s close enough to dead that the auto shutter isn’t reliable. That accounts for the bargain price of £10, since the mercury batteries are no longer available. However, a quick read through some of the Yashica groups on Flickr turned up some useful information, from buying a simple battery converter, to using stacked batteries, or different 6v batteries plus a metal spring to fill the gap. I found an adapter on Ebay, for a tenner, so fingers crossed that’ll work out nicely. Provided the film-test goes well, and there’s no problems, I’m absolutely thrilled to have picked up this camera. I’ve been eyeing up rangefinders, and this was amongst the ones I recall reading good things about.

Ricoh AF-5
J has one of these, which he likes, which is why it caught my eye. It’s a point and shoot with popup flash, with a lovely rangefinder look about it. The second of todays bargains, at £5 with original box and manual, from a charity shop. I’ve been shooting pretty much exclusively film on nights out recently, on a little Praktica P+S, so this will be an interesting alternative to that for a little while.

Praktica SK5600
Little point and shoot autofocus, which eats batteries like crazy. But does a decent job of snapping drunken photos in dark nightclubs, and cost about a quid from a car boot sale. It’s served me well, and fits in a handbag rather nicely.

Polaroid 600AF
Bought a few years ago, to do part of a project for uni. Back when you could still buy Polaroid film for it from damn near anywhere, for a tenner a pack. Haven’t used it since, so I assume it still works. I intend to run a pack through it at some point, if I can get hold of any at not-ridiculous prices. 4 packs of 10 shots, 6 years out of date, for £100+ you say, Mr Ebay? Fuck right off.

Photograph, this time round. Click to see it bigger.


1. Bronica ETRS
2. Praktica BMS
3. Ricoh AF-5
4. Tiny Cobra flashgun, which came free with the Praktica BMS, and happily works with at least three of my cameras 🙂
5. Polaroid 600af
6. Yashica Electro 35 GSN
7. Minolta Dynax 5
8. Minolta 7000
9. Agfa Isolette
10. Olympus Trip (the one with a wonky lens, the second has yet to arrive. I’m hoping I can get them both in working order, and keep one as is, then ‘refurb’ the other with a funky coloured retrim).
11. Kodak Instamatic 133 (Totally pointless, but I can’t pass up a cheap old camera.)
12. Praktica SK5600 (Tiny enough that when I use it on nights out, a lot of people do assume it’s digital, and automatically lean in to look at the screen. Ha :D)

I have now GOT to stop buying cameras. For a little while. So that I can afford to pay my phone bill, and buy christmas presents, and fuel my car. Things like that. Gah.

Finally, on a note fairly unrelated to this post, but relevent in general, I remembered that I have a Flickr, and that it’s a pretty good site, so I’ve started using it again. I can be found here.




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