Olympus Trip 35

11 11 2010

My Trip has a slightly dodgy focussing ring/ISO ring, and I wasn’t 100% sure it would work properly. However, these are from the test roll that I put through it, and it seems to be generally okay, with a bit of tape to keep thr ISO from being knocked by accident, it seems there’s no problem. The only thing I really need to remember is to gauge the distance a little better, and set the focus accordingly, since a fair few of the test roll were blurry, as a result of me either being too close, or not having the correct setting.






All those are courtesy of the new neg scanner. A few words about that, whilst I’m here.

It’s this model, I can’t find a UK retailer, but there’s plenty of very similar versions, like the Veho series of scanners, going for around the £50-60 mark new. Mine was from Ebay, £25 secondhand.

It’s easy as hell to install – just install the very basic, simple software, then plug it in and go. Scans take seconds, and you can then just slide the next frame across without having to go through any resetting or recapturing faff within the software. Just click ‘capture’, scan done, slide across, repeat. A strip of 6 negs takes seconds.

Image quality is pretty much as you’d expect, reasonable for web use, not amazing. Although, a lot of my negs were drunken snapshots, and I did find that with the non-drunken, better exposed shots, the copier performed better. I did need to go into photoshop and make some minor curve adjustments on most of the photos, and there’s some vignetting on darker backgrounds. But overall, I’m pretty happy with it. It scans straight to JPEG, you set the destination folder when you start importing, and everything automatically goes there, and self-names. You literally just have to click a button onscreen to scan each image.




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