120 Slides

6 10 2010

Had a pile of film from over the summer, which I had developed last week. It’s becoming apparant that I need to invest in some sort of film scanner in the very near future, because although rephotographing is great as an experimental technique, there are times when I’d like to maintain the colours and intensity of the originals.

However, for now, that’s all I’ve got, so here’s a few from the Eden Project, and Mevagissey harbour, in Cornwall, shot on my Bronica ETRS. The colours are tinted yellowish from my not-great lightbox, so the true tones are lost somewhat. Part of why I’d like a scanner, since the colours are absolutely unbelievable on the slides themselves. Tones that you just wouldn’t see straight out of a digital.






And one from the couple of rolls I put through J’s Lubitel, just to have a play about with a TLR.


The photo a day project I had planned fell off the radar somewhat, on account of uninspired shots and some degree of tiredness at the weekend. I managed to take a photo every day, but nothing I particularly want to post. So I’m holding that off for this month. I may begin it halfway through October, or leave it until November instead.




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