Ground Glass Screen

28 09 2010

Something I’ve been meaning to try for a while is shooting down through the screen of a waist level viewfinder, In this case, my beloved Bronica ETRS. I used my Nikon D5000, with hotshoe mounted flash angled directly ‘up’ (which becomes ‘ahead’ when shooting) and bounced. Because the flash is outside the screen, it doesn’t reflect, just illuminates as I intended.

Not the most inspired of subjects, just a couple of scenes inside the room I’m in right now. I may have a further play with this idea, with more thought out subject matter, and perhaps a few temporary modifications to the viewfinder itself.



As of Friday, October 1st, I’m setting myself another photo a day for a month challenge, although this time I’ll be posting here weekly, rather than daily, to maintain the weekly updates rather than go off on a month of rapid fire posting, only to drop off again at the end of it all. So it’s really more of a ‘seven photos a week for a month’ project, although I will be keeping myself to producing a photo for each day, not ‘seven in one day in a rush because I forgot/couldn’t be bothered’.




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