Rephotographed Transparancy

25 05 2010

After a few lazy weeks, in which my attention has wandered elsewhere due to frantically completing outfits for June’s Bizarre Ball, I’ve finally had time to get back to thinking in a photographic direction.

I can’t take credit for this idea, my other half brought the technique of rephotographig negatines to my attention, and after spending some time photographing and editing a roll of 35mm snapshops, taken at April’s Wendyhouse event in Leeds, I turned my attention to the test roll of 120 I’d run through my Bronica ETRS not long ago.

Being transparancy, rather than negative, it was obviously a lot easier to process for colour in photoshop. My little lightbox isn’t quite powerful enough to do a great job, so I’ll be borrowing J’s super bright monster of a lightbox for future rephotography.

Whilst I’ve since read a few articles and forum posts on the subject, and at least once per discussion, someone volunteers the opinion that it’d be ‘easier and yield better results to use a dedicated film scanner’, I offer the counter-opinion that, yes it would, but where’s the fun in that?





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