Photo a Day: Day 30

3 05 2010

May 3rd

Today’s photo was shot with a ringflash adapter, borrowed from my other half.

Day 30 concludes my photo a day month. It’s been fun, at times a bit of a pain in the arse, but certainly a learning curve.
I’ve learned that I am capable of some pretty good work, when I can motivate myself, and some pretty shoddy work when I can’t. That’s probably true of everyone, though.

My favourite shot of the 30 is day 22, the photograph of Jon at the bottom of the stairs. I’m also pretty happy with today’s shot, and a few of the self portraits, particularly the one with the glass bottle (another thrift store find). My least favourite is the balloon. That was a prime example of ‘I really can’t be arsed, so I’ll shoot whatever doesn’t involve much moving on my part’.

From here on, I’ll continue posting work regularly, in the form of a photo a week. I think that a weekly blog post will give me plenty of time to come up with a consistant standard of work, and have something to talk about at the same time.




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