Photo a Day: Day 5

8 04 2010

April 8th

A relatively uninspired effort today, since I’m pretty sure I’m coming down with something and all I want to do is sleep.
However, tomorrow, the weekend begins, so I have hopes of making up for it with something interesting. As mentioned in the first post about this daily photo project, some days I’m nowhere near a computer, usually weekends when I’m away from home, so the next few days efforts may end up being within a single post on Sunday or Monday.

I’ve ordered a set of cheap radio triggers from Ebay. Nothing you’d ever want to use professionally, but for a bit of idle experimentation, provided they work correctly, perfect. I’m hoping I can use them to cobble together a mobile lighting setup using the three extremely mismatched flashguns I own (the Jessops digital that I use with my DSLR, the Metz hammerhead I use with my Bronica ETRS, and the little Cobra Auto that I picked up with a bargainous Practika manual camera kit from a charity shop a few months ago). If everything works out, the plan is to hunt down a willing model and haul ourselves off for some experimental location shooting.




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